Why choose a Nayax payment terminal? 5 frequently asked questions

A payment terminal is the ideal solution for every retailer that offers selfservice products or services. It allows customers to pay easily and independently for instance at a vending machine, washing machine or an electric charging station. You offer the customer payment convenience and speed and you do not need to have staff on site to ensure that everything runs smoothly. There are many suppliers who offer a very diverse range of payment terminals; from coin-operated machines to terminals that enable payment by mobile phone and a QR code. Are you still exploring options or do you have any questions? Read the 5 most frequently asked questions about Nayax payment terminals below.

Vending machine with an Nayax contactless payment system

1. Which selfservice devices are suitable for a Nayax payment terminal?

Nayax payment terminals support all types of payment with debit-, credit- and prepaid cards whether contactless or contact-enabled. The payment terminals are compatible with all vending machine protocols, such as Marshal, MDB Dex, VCCS, CCI and Pulse, and are therefore suitable for all types of unattended selfservice devices or points of sale (PoS). A small selection of applications (is): vending machines, electric charging stations, photo booths, toilets, massage chairs, kiddie rides, washing machines or devices in carwashes.

2. What are the costs involved in the purchase/installation of a Nayax terminal?

With the purchase, installation and use of our Nayax terminals you choose convenience. Purchase the Nayax payment terminal through your local dealer and choose to install it yourself or have this done by an expert, such as a vending machine dealer. By using Nayax payment terminals you do not have to sign multiple complicated contracts with local banks and/or credit card companies and you will never run into unexpected costs. Besides the purchase of the terminal, you sign up for a very affordable monthly all-inclusive subscription, tailored to the type of application. This includes: access to the back office, extensive telemetry, reports, support, software updates and the data for the 4G modem. If you switch off your Nayax terminal for a calendar month, you will not be charged for this period. The contract has no minimum duration and you pay a very competitive rate for each transaction.

3. How long does it take to install a Nayax payment terminal?

After signing just 1 contract online and completing the KYC procedure, the plug & play terminal from Nayax can be connected and operational within one day. Signing several complicated contracts with local banks or credit card companies is not necessary.

4. Is paying via a Nayax terminal safe?

Nayax offers cashless payment, which is the most secure payment method. If you have cash in circulation, you can quickly become a target for criminals. For your customers, it also applies: the less cash you have in your pocket, the lower the risk of loss or theft. At the Nayax terminal you can pay with a credit-, debit- or prepaid card but also with your mobile phone via NFC, with your e-wallet or by scanning a QR-code. These methods have already proved their effectiveness in terms of security. In addition, Nayax terminals meet the highest industry standards, are fully certified by the major institutions and comply with regulations including EMVCo (level 1 and 2), CE, FCC, RoHS, Mastercard PayPass, Visa payWave and PCI DSS. The Nayax cashless payment solution also has an anti-fraud threshold (that) you can set to ensure maximum transaction security.

5. How do I maintain an overview of my vending machines and manage all my Nayax payment terminals?

Included in the monthly all-in subscription is access to the Nayax Management System. With this management software you can manage and monitor your machines remotely. By activating the alert system, you will be kept informed of activities that require attention, such as (unintended) disconnection of machines and operational malfunctions. You can also use reports to determine where further growth is possible. The system also allows you to check the inventory, change product cards and create product lists. Do you want to use your Nayax terminal to generate more sales? Several marketing tools are available to offer loyalty programmes and discounts and to communicate directly with your customers.

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