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General Terms and Conditions

The General Terms and Conditions of the inepro GroupBV can be downloaded here.

The site's Terms and Conditions

Your access to and use of this site is subject to thefollowing terms and conditions. You are expected to have read and accepted theterms and condition before use. The content of the site (including hyperlinks)can be adjusted, changed, supplemented or removed without prior notice.

Use of the site

A large amount of time and attention has been investedin this website. We endeavour to provide information that is as accurate,complete, correct, understandable, precise and as up to date as possible.Despite our constant efforts we cannot guarantee that the information on offeris complete, correct, precise or up to date. If information gained on (orthrough) the site proves to be inadequate we will do our very best to correctthe problem as soon as possible. We are not liable for any consequential orimmaterial damages resulting from the use of the website or any informationoffered on the site.

The protection of personal details

The protection of personal details is of greatimportance to us. Most of the information available on the site can be accessedwithout having to provide any personal details. In certain cases personaldetails may be required. If this is the case, the details provided will bedealt with in accordance with the legislation set forth in the Privacy Act.Wethereby guarantee the following:

-      Your personal details are only requested andprocessed so we can deliver the relevant information or provide you with therequested services online

-      The processing of your personal details islimited to the boundaries of your request

-      Your personal details are not shared with thirdparties nor will they be used for direct marketing purposes by third parties

-      We have implemented safety measures to preventthe improper use of your personal details by third parties

-      This site uses "cookies". These aresmall files that are automatically saved to your computer's hard drive. Thisinformation is sent to the moderator each time you visit the site and allowsaccess to it. It also makes navigating the site easier, faster and moreefficient

Hyperlinks and references

You can be linked to other websites using (hyper)linksand you can also be linked to other sources of information moderated by thirdparties. We do not possess the right to technical or internal checks and have noauthority for these sites. We therefore cannot guarantee the completeness orcorrectness of the content, nor can we guarantee the availability of thesewebsites and sources of information. The hyperlinks to other sites on thiswebsite do not in any way ratify the external site or its content. The linksare offered for your information and also serve to increase the userfriendliness.

Intellectual property rights

You have the right to consult the information on thiswebsite. You also have the right to reproduce and download information forpersonal use as long as you source it in accordance with copyright and otherlaws. The reproduction or use of multi-media information (audio, images,software etc.) should always be preceded by a request for usage. Please contactthe site's moderator regarding the reproduction of information.