Corporate social responsibility & sustainability

Co2 reduction since 2019
10695 liter
Diesel saved since 2022
12963 m3
Gas saved since 2022

Sustainability and our partnership with EcoVadis

At inepro PAY, while our primary focus is on innovative cashless payment systems, sustainability and global well-being are integral to our mission. We have taken proactive steps by establishing a carbon-neutral office and transitioning to electric vehicles over the years. To further enhance our commitment, we sought assistance from EcoVadis.

EcoVadis specializes in enhancing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practices across four key domains: environment, labor & human rights, sustainable procurement, and ethics. Each year, EcoVadis audits our performance in these areas, guiding us to implement targeted improvements in our CSR policies.

Our initiatives and achievements
One of our pivotal initiatives includes transparent reporting on greenhouse gas emissions, with our CO2 footprint meticulously calculated and verified by Groenbalans. This data, along with our ambitious reduction targets, is openly shared on our website.

Last year, inepro Group proudly earned a gold medal from EcoVadis, placing us among the top 5% globally out of over 100,000 evaluated companies. A recognition we are proud of!  

Future-oriented collaboration with suppliers
Maintaining this score requires commitment from our suppliers as well. We expect transparency and improvement from them in the core areas of environment, labor & human rights, sustainable procurement, and ethics. We strive to enhance transparency within our supply chain to cultivate impactful partnerships that promote a sustainable future.

Inepro sustainability goals

Our goals

At inepro B.V., we believe in taking responsibility for our environmental impact. As a company dedicated to innovation and progress, we recognize the urgent need to integrate sustainable practices into our operations to reduce our ecological footprint.

Therefore, we have committed to achieving carbon neutrality across all our operational activities by 2035.

Our GHG emission

In the base year 2019, inepro B.V. emitted 188.89 tonnes of CO2 across scopes 1 & 2. In 2022, it was 131.77 tonnes and in 2023 it was 131.82 tonnes. When turnover is included in the reduction calculation, inepro saved 49,6% GHG emissions over 5 years.

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