inepro x Nayax: One solution to manage all company cards on any device.

The Nayax payment terminal allows Mifare, Desfire EV1 and EV2, Mifare Type B Calypso, Legic, and I-Class cards to be used.

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Imagine this scenario: a company has vending machines that are used by their employees and visitors. While visitors pay the full price for each product, the company wants to offer their employees a discount when using their company cards. To achieve this, they need a payment terminal that can handle different types of cards. This was a challenge that GTi was facing. GTi is the distributor of the Nayax digital solutions in France. However, it doesn’t support all the different types of cards that some companies have. To tackle this issue, GTi partnered with inepro.

The Challenge: some cards are incompatible with the Nayax system.

“We have several customers that choose proprietary cards. Our Nayax system is unable to read the ID in a specific location in these cards, and because of this, it’s incompatible with some cards. Consequently, this meant that we were unable to fully cater to some of our customers’ needs,” says Ludovic Canivet, CTO at GTi.“

The Nayax payment terminal allows Mifare, Desfire EV1 and EV2, Mifare Type B Calypso, Legic, and I-Class cards to be used. However, it does not support cards that store ID information in a secured sector nor card technologies in the 125 kHz range, preventing GTi’s customers from using some of their secured RFID cards on all their devices.

GTi’s customers expressed the need for one single solution that supports their different card types and allows their employees to use their existing company cards for all the devices and services they offer. This is when GTi decided to collaborate with inepro to expand their offer.

The Solution: combining the Nayax system with the Spider RFID Reader.

“Nayax advised us to look at inepro’s Spider RFID reader,” says Ludovic Canivet CTO at GTi. “This is when we decided to contact inepro to work with them. We started out testing the combination of our Nayax system with the Spider at our office. When the results looked promising, we went on to do a few pilot tests with customers. It proved again to be the solution for this issue, and so we decided to carry out the installations.”

The Spider RFID reader supports all card technologies in both the 13,56 MHz and the 125 kHz range, and is connected and driven directly by the VPOS-Touch terminal from Nayax. While the goal of Nayax is to enable as many payment methods as possible, inepro’s aim is to provide a reader that can read out all RFID card technologies and secure sectors.

For this challenge, it’s the perfect combination.

The Benefits: offer your customers payment solutions that fits their needs.

Different companies have different needs. And this requires a customized solution.

One solution for all company cards across every device
The combination of the Nayax digital solution with inepro’s RFID reader allows your customers to keep using their secured company cards for different types of devices.

“Combining our Nayax payment terminal with inepro’s Spider RFID reader allows our customers to keep their existing company cards that they can now use for different purposes. Their employees can pay for their meals, but also use the vending machines, coffee machines, juice bars, and any other devices,” Ludovic Canivet explains.

Expert support and consultancy services included
If you choose this combination, it comes with the additional offer of inepro’s configuration support as well as consultancy services to help you with any questions you may have.

Keep existing customers satisfied while increasing your sales.

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